E-Commerce For Small Business 

Ahhh...E-Commerce...our favorite feature.  Our favorite feature because it enables us to automate the marketing, distributing, buying, and selling of our line of products and services.

For most internet users, e-commerce is synonymous with shopping carts. The truth is that e-commerce is a methodology that involves more than the transfer of funds electronically. In the background, robust supply chain management, electronic marketing, transaction processing, inventory management, and data collection processes contribute to the life cycle of a single e-commerce transaction.

Fortunately, these are details that can be left up to us as we become your information technology specialist.

Getting Started With E-Commerce 
1.   Sign up for our Advanced Hosting Plan.  All Advanced Hosting subscribers are entitled to their own instance of the CartWeaver Shopping Cart software.  For some of our customers, a shopping cart is not the solution they need. On numerous occasions, we have developed customized business applications to process their electronic transactions accordingly.
2.   Apply for an online merchant account.  When transacting business on-line, you actually need a gateway transaction account as well as an online merchant acount.  We are able to integrate the two accounts into a single account which makes the setup easier and simplifies your book keeping.  If you already have these accounts, we can still get you started.
3.   Request your SSL Certficate.  The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate is needed to encrypt the data that your system will transmit electronically.  This is a must in today's online world.
4.   Open Your Store.  In most cases we can install your CartWeaver software and SSL certificate in a matter of hours. However, the setup of the integrated merchant account normally takes several business days.
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